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Oh Wow..That's lovely

Oliver Sykes, Ben Bruce, and Austin Carlile is my Holy Trinity. legit.
*Follow me if you love bands, all bands ***I also post about depression and other rather upsetting things, but i do not approve or promote self harm of any kind.
If you are ever upset or feeling lonely I'm always here !
I am also happily taken to the most amazing person in the world
RIP Jacob Michael Robertson
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Hi hi hi hi

Please dont lose faith in me my lovelys i know i dont post much or half as much as i would like but with school its hard :( please stay with me my dears.

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Photo: @annbuster
for more about Asking Alexandria click here


Photo: @annbuster

for more about Asking Alexandria click here

“For so long, I’ve kept feelings inside and I was happy not knowing what it’s like to let them out. I built my walls and they were unbreakable. I saw everyone around me get cheated and deceived and decided that I wasn’t going to bother with love. It’s been like that all my life and that was okay, it’s what I wanted. But then you came, and at first I refused to give in. You forced it out of me, forced me to love you. And now my heavy heart is letting you take it all. I can’t stop loving you now.”

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